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OGI (oginfo.com, LLC) provides comprehensive and custom GIS mapping services and data management. The industries we serve depend upon highly accurate digital maps containing a variety of valuable embedded data. OGI specializes in these custom web-based maps that deliver the graphic navigation and data search and retrieval functions requested. We also provide a large number of other GIS products and services that help our clients utilize the power of GIS mapping integrated with industry specific data. We have extensive experience in GIS system programming, analysis and design, with focus on project management, consultation, design and production. Our team encompasses an exceptional combination of technical and organizational skills. OGI is experienced in systems development, demonstrations, application design, implementation, and client training. We communicate effectively with programmers, clients and end users so project objectives exceed expectations and are accomplished on time. OGI's involvement is always custom tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. If you have your own GIS department, OGI can make itself available to assist when and where needed. At a moment's notice, you can expand your department's output to handle any urgent demands. No job is too large, too small or too urgent for OGI.

Business interested in Texas ownership data find that incorporating parcel data into their daily operations and processes result in enhanced capabilities, new service offerings and lower overhead. Some of the industries that have found parcel data to be an invaluable resource in their daily operations are as follows:
• Financial Services
• Loan Processing
• Tax Assignment and Determination Insurance
• Underwriting and Claims Management
• Flood Certification
• Risk Assessment Retail, Restaurant and Real Estate
• Property Information
• Service Territories
• Online Mapping Using Aerial Imagery
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Shapefile layers included for each Texas county:

• Ownership
• Parcel polygons
• Streets

Optional layers may include:

• Abstracts
• Subdivision Boundaries
• City Limit Boundaries
• School Districts
• Blocks
• Lot Lines
• Flood Plains
• Aerials
• Pipelines
• Oil & Gas Wells
• Railroads
• Countours
• Utilities
• Voter Districts

Meta Data

Format: Shapefile   (.shp)
Spatial Reference: NAD83 Texas State Plane (North, North Central, Central, South Central, South) Feet.